Metaverse Roadmap

Wondering where all this new ubiquitous computing and 3D virtual worlds technology is leading us? Me, too. There is some interesting brainstorming and predictive work coming out of the Metaverse Roadmap project, which has just published the Metaverse Roadmap Overview (3.x MB).

Update, July 3: Mmmm movies! I just found some rad video interviews of the three main authors of the MetaVerse Roadmap Overview document, recorded by Elon University/Pew Internet’s Imagining the Internet Project in May 2006 at the Metaverse Roadmap Summit at Stanford Research Institute. These links open new windows for Jerry Paffendorf, Jamais Cascio, and John Smart.

About one of them, I know Jerry from Brooklyn, and he told me about a hundred awesome things, but I never heard him mention the 3D scanner cameras before. So brilliantly obvious, why didn’t I think of them the other day for AVSynth? Screw rendering 3D from disparate photos, we’ll just poke a second eye in the iPhones for stereoscopic imaging. Here’s news and a video from last August about a 3D live motion video camera that uses lasers. Hello mirror world.

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