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Link: Photosynth demo at TED 2007

June 9, 2007

Here’s a stunning preview of the coming mirror world:  new software visually relates and stitches together myriad photographs and from them models the 3D environment from which they were taken. Check out the reconstruction of Notre Dame from Flickr photos in Blaise Aguera y Arcas’ demo of “Photosynth” at TED 2007. This is truly amazing stuff. Geotagged photos will of course make the software’s job a lot easier, but this technology seems to do it all from images alone.

Why blog?

June 1, 2007

Used to be I didn’t want to be googlable. Actually, I still don’t, but it’s not much of an option any more given the rate at which we upload ourselves to the internet. It’s Jamais Cascio’s “Participatory Panopticon”: Everyone will record everything all the time, and we will love it because it helps us communicate. My friend David Ricardo in 1993 was always talking about the video recording glasses he wanted to get. Today Justin.Tv wears a video recorder hat and broadcasts what he sees to the internet 24/7. They call it “life-logging”. Destroy TV is an awesome Second Life avatar art project that constantly uploads tagged stills of everything she sees and reads to an archived Flickr “unlimited” pro account. (Though did Flickr blacklist her? I hope at least she recorded a glimpse of my futile warning sign. Now, that’s how I like to be uploaded.) Even without 24/7 life-logging, Liz‘s friend came to visit us in Brooklyn and decided to post photos of her trip online, including some not so flattering ones of yours truly (Where’s the anti-link??). Meanwhile Google has been investing in facial recognition software. What can you do? Smile? Maybe it’s the same as it ever was: Speak or be spoken for. I am also opening a Flickr account. This is my new home page, and you are welcome.

Update 6/2/2007: More info on Destroy Televison’s flickr account status here.