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A Nice Video Describing

January 15, 2008

DataPortability – Connect, Control, Share, Remix from Smashcut Media on Vimeo. Your Lifestream in the Metaverse?

January 8, 2008

SharingIsCaring.pngAccording to this article today on ReadWriteWeb (great blog about the social web), it looks like the invitations from the technical working group to Google and Facebook and Plaxo have been accepted. The basic idea behind is that a user’s social profile data should be portable between systems. Profile data can include not only who you are, but what you do, and what you like.

One example of the emerging technologies affiliated with is APML (Attention Profiling Markup Language). This is an XML encoding of what you are interested in finding on the internet, and what sources you trust for information. It’s an expression of your tastes, computerized. Just the sort of information Netflix and Amazon, etc., separately maintain about you today, in their own ways.

The question raises is: What if you “owned” all this very useful formalized data about yourself, and could share it with whom and what you wish, when and where you wish? (More questions follow in all directions: Where is this information stored? How you make sense of it in ways that are also portable? How is this private information sharable and protectable at the same time?) technologies could change the internet tremendously. For one thing, instead of logging in to a social networking site to find out what your friends are doing, you’ll soon be asking something more like search engine, supplying as a parameter your identification and your friends list. Score one for Google, I think. For two, next time you walk into a bar, expect flashing lights around the heads of the people who’s interests match yours. Score one for…the metaverse?

Link: Scholarly Articles on Social Network Sites

November 1, 2007

This month’s online edition of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication has some interesting articles on Social Network Sites.

Check out the fig. 1 graphic “Launch Dates of Major Social Network Sites” from Boyd and Ellison’s “Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship”.

And since it is now a subject of scholarly debate, to those who wonder what killed Friendster, the deleting of the fakesters or the scaling problems, I would just like to submit that my cat was never deleted.